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Webdesign / September 2015

Powerful and Scalable Medical System

Pair modern technology, knowledge and design with the ease in searching important information there was created a cloud medical system named CMS.

  • Material Design

  • Medic Field

  • Responsive Design

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Mobile Application / December 2015

Cloud, Complex Travel Manager

With SunTravel, it's easy to purchase, check, monitor and connect a custom trips to your satisfaction. In both ways, application was created to be used by users and administrators.

  • Statistics Dashboard

  • Travel Field

  • Mobile Design

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Mobile Application / June 2015

Pressure Heart Assistant

Cardiometr is a blood pressure tracking and analysis tool. A personal health assistant helps to monitor your live by tracking, analyzing and keeping you remind of measurements.

  • Multisystem Application

  • Heart Assistant

  • Mobile Design

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Webdesign / February 2015

Single, Simple Recruting Platform

Recruiting is complicated. TalentObjects makes it simpler by providing a single platform for entire talent acquisition journey. Utilaizing recrutment in one place we've manage to create an exclusive cloud recruitment system.

  • Salesforce Design

  • Great UX/UI

  • Responsive Design

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Branding / Last 2016

Various Logotype Designs

Reflect your business's unique considerations to unified symbol. Help yourself to Reducing fallacious image and keeps your product at the front.

  • Fascinating Works

  • Outstanding Creations

  • Creative Ideas

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